Brides and grooms of today have so much choice in every aspect of their big day. Weddings can take place in almost any location and style choices available are endless. The excitement of planning is part of the fun and we love to get involved with you to help make sure that everything meets your expectations.

‘Thank you so much for making our dream wedding come true!  We loved every second of it.  Stunning! And brilliant service.  Thank you.  Would highly recommend’. 

Terri Gilbert


The term doesn’t begin to cover the range of styles available that fit the bill. At our warehouse you can look at all the place settings and styles to enhance your wedding tables.


So many little things help create the look that you have imagined. So many little things that we can provide and help you choose.


It doesn’t have to be a marquee to embrace the style that you want. We can supply equipment and finishing touches for any venue.

Photo credit: Joanne Clement of Enchanted Brides Photography


Create the look you want. Come and see our range of equipment and make your vision a reality.

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