“Company” means Trevarno Marquee & Event Hire and or its agents

“The Client” shall mean the person or persons hiring Equipment from the Company and named on the Hire Contract

“Delivery Date” shall be the date Equipment is delivered to site by the Company or collected by the Client from the Company.

“Collection Date” shall be the date Equipment is collected from the site by the Company or returned by the Client to the Company.

“Period of Hire” means the period from the Delivery Date until the Collection Date.

“Equipment” shall mean a) “Marquee” (tents, awnings, linings, covered way, floorings etc.) and b) “Event Hire Equipment” (china, cutlery, glasses, cookers, fridges, furniture, crates, boxes etc.)

“Site” shall mean the place where the delivery is to be made by the Company

“Hire Contract” relates to the agreement made between the Client and Company whether it be Marquee Hire or Event Hire or a combination of both.

These conditions shall apply to all orders and contracts for the supply of equipment in the UK by the company or its authorised agents.

All orders for goods shall be deemed to be an offer by the Client to hire goods and services in accordance with these conditions and any Quotation. All goods remain the property of the Company until paid for in full.

  1. The Company Undertakes:
    1. To deliver the Equipment on the Delivery Date.
    2. In the case of Event Hire Equipment this shall be limited to delivery only.
    3. To dismantle and remove the Equipment from the Site as soon as reasonably practicable after the Period of Hire.
    4. The Company will only deliver Event Hire Equipment to a loading bay or other ground floor entrance accessible by vehicle.
    5. All Event Hire Equipment will be delivered clean and securely packaged and should be returned in the same condition with the exception of linen (unless burnt or permanently stained).
  2. The Client Undertakes:
    1. To pay any deposit on confirmation of order and to pay the balance of the Hire Contract price not later than 14 days prior to the Delivery Date.
    2. It is the responsibility of the Client to check all hire goods immediately on delivery or collection and to report any damages, faults, shortages or discrepancies to the Company on the Delivery Date either by telephone or email.
    3. If any part of the Equipment includes electrical apparatus you are to provide such power points or supply as may be reasonably required by the Company at the time of the delivery so that the equipment can be tested.
    4. The Client undertakes not to interfere with or allow any other person to service, repair or alter the Equipment or to suspend anything from the structure without the express permission of the Company and shall indemnify the Company against any claims, loss or damage suffered by any party (including any third party) as a result of any breach of this clause.
    5. The Client will use the Equipment solely for the purpose for which it was designed.
    6. The Client agrees to be fully liable for any damage or loss of any of the Equipment after collection by or delivery to the Client until the Equipments’ safe return to or collection by the Company. Any Equipment that is damaged or lost including crates, storage boxes etc., will be paid for by the Client at the full replacement value.
    7. All Event Hire Equipment must be returned in the original boxes or transportation crates they were supplied in. Any items missing or not available, including crates, storage boxes etc., when returned will be charged out at full replacement cost. A period of 7 days will be available for the Client to return the missing items and receive a full credit. It is the Client’s responsibility to return missing items.
    8. In the case of marquee hire only:
      1. Within a reasonable period of time but not less than 14 days before the Delivery Date to provide the Company with an accurate plan of the Site showing all relevant services and any apparent obstacles which may affect the erection of the Equipment and the position on the Site in which the Equipment is to be erected and to advise the Company of any alterations in the Site of which it is aware that may take place after the date that the plan is provided.
      2. To obtain any necessary permission to erect the Equipment from the site owner and/or Local Authority.
      3. To keep any part of the Equipment that is a framed structure or a tent completely closed and secure and in particular any door in place and fastened when not in use.
      4. All Marquee equipment must be fully insured for damage or loss for the entire Period of Hire. The Client must either:
        1. Provide evidence of their own insurance cover for the Marquee with the Company’s interest in the Marquee noted on the policy or
        2. Take out the Company’s Damage Waiver facility for a maximum of £50,000 and pay an additional 7% of the price of the Marquee hire. However, the Client must also pay the first £500 on any claim on this policy.
  3. Variations
    1. The Company will use its best endeavours to supply the Client with the Equipment ordered but where this is not possible the Company will notify the Client as soon as possible of any alterations to the design and specifications of the
    2. For Marquee Hire the Client must provide the Company with a firm and level site of turf (or some other material not impervious to stakes) able to absorb rainwater and warrant that the site is free from flooding and free of underground
      conduits and services trees and other overhead obstructions. The site must have safe vehicle access with adequate hard-standing for delivery vehicles. If this is not the case or the Client wishes the Company to erect the Equipment in a
      different position on the Site to the one indicated by the Client to the Company at the time of the Quotation and if in either event the costs to the Company are subsequently increased any other factor the Company will increase the price
    3. Further additional charges will also apply in respect of deliveries and collections made at agreed times outside of the operational hours (8am to 6pm Monday to Friday) or those agreed.
  4. Understandings
    1. The Price does not include making good any repairs to the Site unless caused by the negligence of the Company’s servants, agents or contractors. The client accepts that the delivery and collection of Equipment may result in some damage
      to the Client’s site and hereby accepts such reasonable damage.
    2. All sums payable under this Agreement unless otherwise stated are exclusive of VAT and other duties or taxes. Any VAT or other duties or taxes payable in respect of such sums shall be payable in addition to such sums.
  5. Cancellations
    1. Either party shall have the right to terminate this Contract without penalty within seven days from the date of the contract subject to written confirmation of such termination being given by one party to the other within such period.
      The Client is therefore advised not to enter into any other contract that relies upon the hire of the equipment until this seven day “cooling off” period has passed.
    2. Once the period of seven days referred to in the preceding clause has passed, the following charges will be applied by the Company:
      1. Up to and including 28 days before the Delivery Date – 30% of rental cost
      2. Up to and including 14 days before Delivery Date – 75% of rental cost
      3. 13 days or less before Delivery Date – Full rental cost

Revised September 2019

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